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We provide cryptocurrency price exports and data feeds for the public, accountants and auditors.

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Data with confidence

Single source of daily crypto pricing

We provide reputable and reliable historical data exports and data feeds based on the public data of Australia's longest-running exchanges.


Data feeds and exports

Free historical pricing exports for hundreds of cryptocurrencies. We also provide REST API data feeds with daily and historical pricing.

Download our exports to see if they meet your needs.

Daily pricing for 250+ cryptos

Bringing together the data of Australia's longest-running exchanges, we provide reputable and reliable historical data exports and data feeds.


Save time
Save time using a single source of cryptocurrency pricing.


Reputable historical prices
Our data exports and data feeds are based on a systematic and detailed way that combines the data of leading exchanges, resulting in data that auditors and traders can rely on.


Accurate and transparent
Have confidence in our crypto prices knowing we outline exactly how we derive our data. In addition to daily pricing, we supply daily highs and lows, and a confidence indicator to assist with valuing trades on more volatile days.

"Before I discovered NBOC, I struggled with valuing cryptocurrency trades. It was a nightmare!"

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Trusted by accountants, auditors and the largest SMSF software provider, BGL.